Coronavirus: Spain’s Tourism Industry Prepares For Huge Losses At Easter

Spain's Tourism Industry Prepares For Huge Losses At Easter

A Very Vulnerable Sector

This past year, almost 84 million individuals visited Spain, 18 million in the united kingdom. Tourism is the country’s third most important business, accounting for 11 percent of GDP. Before the severe limitations, for example schools closures and bans on big public events, declared in the Madrid region, reservations were down.

Hotel reservations were down 24 percent in Madrid and 20 percent in Barcelona.

“The effect is actually important, particularly on conventions and people traveling long distances,” Ramón Estalella stated on behalf of their confederation. “If it is just for a month, then the effect will not be so excellent, once confidence is restored. Nonetheless, it’s not possible to predict. Each day there are new statements from various nations and areas and government steps that alter the prognosis.”

A ban on excursions organised by Imserso, the nation body which arranges vacations and excursions for the elderly, will have a massive impact on many regions of Spain, Estalella added.

The health scare is a further setback to Spain’s tourism business, elements of which have yet to get over the collapse of Thomas Cook this past year.

In Barcelona, Chinese tourists accounted for 38 percent of retail spending 2019, a lot of it on clothes and luxury goods.

On Thursday, Catalonia will combine Madrid and portions of the Basque Country in prohibiting sports, spiritual and other parties of over 1,000 individuals.

Already major events are cancelled everywhere in Spain. The festival of Las Fallas in Valencia, that was expected to start on Sunday and brings thousands of people from Spain and overseas, was suspended forever.

Over 700 neighborhood associations spend weeks creating substantial effigies of historical or famous figures for its festival, nominally held in honor of St Joseph. These are burnt in the conclusion of this five-day occasion, which is projected to earn about $700m ($610m) into the local market.

The Málaga film festival, which brings about 150,000 visitors to the southern town, is also called off. Málaga is the attention of coronavirus instances in Andalucía.

Meanwhile, many theatrical events are cancelled and many rock bands have been rescheduling their excursions.

The major question mark is over Easter, just a month off, which can be celebrated with enormous public occasions in Spain, particularly in Seville.

For the following two weeks, first and second division soccer games will be played behind closed doors. And, though Wednesday night’s Champions League match between Liverpool and Atlético p Madrid is going to be played as normal, the Spanish team has advised fans not to go to the match.

“The Madrid area hasn’t, at any given stage, believed the alleged shutdown of the area,” she tweeted Wednesday afternoon.

The government has promised that a set of steps, like extending credit to small companies, a temporary moratorium on several taxation and a shorter working week and also fiscal compensation for those who have childcare responsibilities. It’s yet to declare any actions to soften the effect on the exceptionally vulnerable hospitality and tourism businesses.